How we work

Every project is approached with creativity, passion and professionalism. We begin by visualising what your final film will look like and then gear everything to achieving that. We work collaboratively and efficiently. We will always recommend the best quality people and the best technology possible for your film within the boundaries of your budget.

Remember, your film is essentially our film too, so from the moment we come to chat you can be sure that we’ll be pushing everything to make the production special, unique and something that we’ll all be proud of.

The Shoot
Post Production

The great thing about creating engaging concert film. documentary or promotional film is that no two jobs are the same. So many varying factors make our world exciting; different artists, venues, show productions and set lists all present their own challenges, making the planning stage of each production an extremely important process.


We'll recce locations, ensuring that we know where we can and cannot place cameras and run cables. We'll work closely with you to ensure the look and feel of your film fits with your image and your expectations. We will research, script and work on camera plans and production designs that take into consideration all kinds of factors.


Creatively we want your film to stand out. Logistically we want to integrate with your people so that the whole process is smooth and stress free. Financially we want to deliver an end product that is absolutely the best quality possible for the budget available.


And if funding is an issue then we can work with you to create and promote a crowd funding project which will get the production off the ground. We've worked closely for a decade with the band who pioneered this funding way back in the last century. With the knowledge we have of how Marillion have engaged their fanbase, we can apply these techniques to your requirements.


For more information about how we can help you in this area please download our 'Give Your Fans What They Really Deserve' PDF brochure here »

The Shoot

Our crew are handpicked and are amongst the best people working in the UK production industry.


From our team of technicians who rig the shoot through to the camera operators who have the creative eye to frame and film breathtaking imagery, the whole Toward Infinity crew are tasked with making each shoot run smoothly and, above all, to be fun.


We love what we do and we inject that enthusiasm, care and attention into our work whenever the cameras turnover.


Whether it's a small shoot or a huge production we will endeavour to work unobtrusively and in conjunction with venue and location health and safety regulations when rigging the shoot.


And if there's the opportunity to film additional material such as interviews, vox pops or doco footage then we'll do it. Well, we'll have cameras and crew on site so we will make sure that these resources are used to squeeze as much out of the opportunity we have to work with you as possible.


For concert films we work closely with studios who can multitrack your show and provide you with the audio channels for mixing.


See our showcase for examples »

Post Production

We love editing. It's where it all comes together.


Working to the schedule of your project we will agree a post production plan where you will receive edits for approval at critical points in the process. We can add all kinds of bells and whistles as well. If visual effects and motion graphics are your thing then we can pull dedicated experts into the process who will be able to enhance your film and lift it into new dimensions.


We'll work with your audio producers to make sure that the pictures help the mixing process and then that the music brings out the best of the pictures.


And once everything's in the right order we will polish the pictures to produce a film that we hope will be beyond the expectation you had right back in the planning stages.


See our discography for more »


Trailers, behind the scenes doco, electronic press kits. Output for DVD, Blu Ray, broadcast.


Conversion of your film into a format for digital cinema presentation, encoding of your production for delivery over the internet, even streaming live events over the internet for fans who just can't make it to the show. And how about an website that will act as your broadcast channel, a hub for all your activity as you write and record material, tour and promote your latest album?


And if we've worked on a crowd funded co-production we will also produce photography, artwork, printing and production of a physical DVD/Blu Ray product.


We can help with all these possibilities. We would love to.



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