Thunder - 'The Wonder Days' Documentary
A compelling mix of interview, concert and archive film

Thunder returned to active service in early 2015 with the top ten critically acclaimed album 'Wonder Days'. During the making of the record and the subsequent live shows the band had amalgamated a significant amount of footage that needed to find a home.

Working closely with Danny Bowes, we shot a series of master interviews that provided the narrative for an hour long documentary that features on the January 2016 earMusic release "All You Can Eat".

Taking the supplied live footage, band-shot studio footage and other archive material we used the band's own words to stitch everything together and to describe what was, due to guitarist Ben Matthew's diagnosis of throat cancer, a worrying and uncertain time.

The interviews were shot with two cameras at Dalston Heights, an eclectic and eccentric space in East London, quite close to a tube line which provided some challenges for the sound department. They were shot with a high production value in order to provide a lush visual consistency for the film in amongst the disparate quality of the third party archive footage.

We've also produced content for Thunder's live show production and aim to continue our relationship with Danny, Luke, Chris, Ben and Harry into the next stage of the band's resurgence.

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